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Integrated Energy Therapy® IET - Healing with the Energy of Angels
Treatments and Training Sirona Clinic, Douglas, Cork
With Grea Murphy, ARCHTI
IET® IS healing with the loving and pure energy of Angels. It is a safe gentle and nurturing way to
release paerns of the past from the cellular memory and helps you empower and balance your
health and life. IET is now taught in 76 Countries.
Grea trained in IET® with the founder, Stevan Thayer, in Woodstock, N.Y. in 1999. Stevan is a
Channel for Angel Ariel and other Angels, Director of the Center of Being Inc., Woodstock, N.Y.
Gretta is a certified IET® Master Instructor & Trainer located in Tramore, County Waterford.
She has been practicing and teaching IET® for over 20 years. She has over two decades of
experience in a range of healing modalities including, Reiki, Reflexology, Bio-Energy,
Rahanni Celestial Healing, Magnified Healing, Access Bars and EFT. It is IET® however,
that works miraculously in Gretta’s life and she has taught it extensively in Ireland, Europe
and throughout the Australian Continent. She received The Top IET Teacher Award
consecutively since 2003.
While IET® is the most requested therapy in Gretta’s practice, Reflexology, Bio Energy
and Access Bars are also available on request.
Gretta is the Author of her Autobiography "I Chose My Life!” A Channelled message from
Angel Ariel through Stevan Thayer is: “This book is not only a testimony to Gretta’s personal
transformation through difficulty, but it also serves as an inspiration that can help those who are faced
with adversity, transform their lives as well.”
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